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Grace's Journey

I left home when I was 19, on a mission to "find my purpose". What I quickly learnt, is that this quest is no easy feat!

Society tells us that if you do all this you will live a happy and fulfilled life.

Your 20's are all about “finding yourself”, right? Society tells you to find your forever job, lock down a partner, buy into the right postcode with a white picket fence, ensure that you are financially secure enough to have a baby AND don't forget to have this checklist completed by the time you are thirty.


The reality? Life is not linear. We can all feel unfulfilled in many areas of this checklist, or throw this "plan" out the window entirely. And if you are seeking the tools, guidance or support to help on your own course, this can be very hard to find.

I know this, because in pursuit of the “conventional life”, I lost myself completely. I didn't listen to my gut and fell so far out of alignment from my purpose, it took an existential crisis to wake me into consciousness.Now, I have found my voice and all I want is to help others do the same. I want to ensure you have access to the tools to improve any area of your life that is in need. I want us to support one another no matter how differently aligned our journeys are. I want us to change the conversations we’re having. I want to give YOU the tools to live a better life by your own design. This is a no judgment, safe space, for you to feel uplifted, empowered, and unconditionally loved no matter what your story looks like. 


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